Saturday, April 20, 2013


Balozi began his career while attending school in Nigeria. Balozi grew up with the support of his family who put education first. Seeing education as the key to an improved life, rapping began as something that was fun, and was not initially seen as a career. After studying in the UK, Balozi returned to Tanzania and “got married to the rap game”.

Upon returning to Tanzania, Balozi joined the rap group the Deplowmatz, whose other members were both sons of Tanzanian diplomats. The group was named the best rap group in Tanzania in 1999 and had a song at the top of the music charts in Holland. Balozi’s music focuses on the political, economic, social, and cultural problems facing the people of Tanzania.
After most of Deplowmatz left Dar es Salaam to study upcountry or abroad, Dola Soul was left to protect the flag. He set up a succesful solo carreer and has been an example to many younger emcees. Being very serious about improving the state of music business in Dar, he went to seek more fair deals between distributors, studio people and emcees. A first result was his album Balozi wenu which sold well, and which he promoted himself. Dola Soul also worked together with Mr II whom he joined on tour all over Tanzania.
He has released two albums and has performed in many venues throughout Europe, Africa, and North America. BALOZI WENU AND BALOZI UBALOZINI



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