Saturday, April 20, 2013


DPT is short for Tha De-Plow-Matz. The crew is made up of Saigon (real name Saleeh Mzee), Dolasoul (real name Ahmed Dola), Trip Dogg (real name Philip Mwinmanji) and Storm (real name Amour Shamte). In the DPT family we also find manager/organiser Nkwessa.
The origin of DPT can be traced back to 1992 when Saigon and Tripp Dog met in school and started to rap just for fun. Since then a number of guys have been involved with DPT shorter or longer periods.

In the mid-90's Saigon and Stigo teamed up with Dola Soul who had just come back from living in Lagos (Nigeria) where he grew up. They started recording and after a few singles they went into the studio with P-Funk and Master Jay, this resulted in the De-Plow-Matz album. Their style and topics were refreshing, and a new audience was addressed. With Saigon leaving for UK in 1999 and Dola getting onto his solo carreer, the crew sort of fell apart without officially disbanding. In 2002 Saigon returned to Tanzania, meeting up with Trip Dog and Dola for a possible come-back.

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