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GWM is short for Gangstas With Matatisu. The last word is Swahili and means problems. And it sure means problems if you try to be a gangsta rapper U.S. style in Dar. Nethertheless, GWM tries to stick to reality rap, strictly in Swahili. They deal with the daily hardships in the streets of Bongo, i.e. the slang name for Dar hinting at the fact that you have to be smart to survive in the city ("bongo" means smart, clever in Swahili
 One of the most well-respected crews from the new school which came up around 1997. They were instantly known all over Tanzania for their lyrical genius, first seeing the light in radio hits like 'Cheza mbali na kasheshe' ('stay out of trouble') and other songs which showcased a high degree of urban slang. Their first album should have been out at that time, but due to business deals gone sour it only came out in 2000, a bit after the buzz. KR has since also joined the group Wachuja Nafaka.
K.R. (real name Rashid Ziada)

D CHIEF (real name Robert E. Makala)
GWM has three members:
D CHIEF (real name Robert E. Makala)

EASY DOPE (real name Richard Makala) D Chief's older brother 
K.R. (real name Rashid Ziada)

The Makal Brothers started to rap in 1993 while still in secondary school. Their father Edward Makala was an eminent expert on traditional music in Tanzania. K.R. joined them in 1995. In that year they won a talent contest arranged by Don Bosco, a Dar studio owner. This gave them a chance to record some songs backed by a wellknown band. The songs became quite popular.
GWM performed at paid gigs more than 20 times during 1997, which is quite a good track record for a Dar rap crew. Their fans are mainly secondary school, college and university students. That's also the case is with most other Dar rap groups.
 Their song Yemeni Kuta was a hit in November 1997. The song is about things they see in the streets of Dar and that bothers them. "Yameni Kuta" means "It bothers me".

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